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e-Seal Electronic Seal Active Tag Lock for cargo container security

e-Seal is an advance electronic container seal replacing conventional bolt-seal. The basic function of  an e-Seal is the same as traditional seal. However, it can be sealed and unsealed for many times during the whole process. Typically it can be used in container transportation to keep record of each operation of seal and unseal and improve logistic safety level.

We have disassembled an active e-Seal used in container tagging and monitoring. This e-seal tag is based on proprietary 2.4GHz air protocol.

Identify range: max=40m (work with SP-RFS-300, in the air)
Frequency: 2.4~2.8GHz
Sensitivity: -80dbm ~ -90dbm
Battery life expectation: long work life from 6 to 8 years
ID number: 64 bit
Temperature: -40℃ ~ +80℃
Storage temperature: -60℃ ~ +85℃
Anti electromagnetism: 10V/m 0.1~1000MHz AM electromagnetic waves
Vibration: 10~2000Hz 15g three axes
Free dropping: 1500mm concrete floor,twice on each side
External dimension: 67mm x 79mm x 23mm
Proofing level of the shell: IP54

The e-seal contains a metal plunger which is supposed to be plugged into the tag when the container door latch is secured. The tag will detect the presence of the plunger. The metal plunger tip will provide a current patch for the carbon contacts inside the tag.

The e-seal tag contains the plunger detector/switch, controller PCB with a Nordic 2.4GHz RF Transceiver chip and a long life, high-capacity ER14505 Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery.

PCB containing Nordic RFIC, MSP430 series MCU, SPI EEPROM, output drivers, and PCB antenna.

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